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Getting to La Ville

Please arrive at La Ville on the afternoon or evening of the first day of your chosen course.

It is perfectly possible to travel to the area by either road, rail or air, with many routes to choose from. What follows are only suggestions, but have proved to be the most popular and practical options. There are, however, numerous

internet sites which offer comparisons in prices and routes, which might be found to be useful in making your choice.

By Road​                                                                         

Once in France, there are good routes from all the major crossing points. From the northern ports (Dunkerque, Calais, or Boulogne), the most direct route is to skirt Paris and use the A20 AutoRoute down to Cahors.

From the western ports (Dieppe, La Havre, Caen, Cherbourg or St Malo) it is preferable to take the west coast route, arriving via Bordeaux on the A62.


The cost of the AutoRoute tolls is approximately 40 euros, but the road system is so efficient that it is possible to do the whole journey on A roads for no cost!


Average journey times can range from 8-10 hours from the northern ports, and a couple of hours less from the western ports.


Our full address is:
La Ville,


The GPS co-ordinates to find us by satnav are:

N44.23859 E1.01421.

By Rail​                                                                         

The nearest station to La Ville is Moissac. It is possible to travel from the UK, via Paris and Agen to Moissac.
Cahors is also a possible route from Paris. Once at Cahors, the route to Moissac is via Montauban.

By Air                                                                         

There are a number of possible options in terms of French airports, but the most practical are Toulouse and Bergerac, both of which are about an hour from La Ville. It is also perfectly possible to use Bordeaux or Carcassonne, but

the drive is over 2 hours to reach La Ville.

Airlines serving Toulouse are BA, Easyjet, Flybe, Ryanair and Jet2.

Bergerac is Ryanair or Flybe.

Bordeaux is BA, Easyjet and Ryanair.

Carcassonne is Ryanair.

Car Hire                                                                         

All of the airports mentioned offer very efficient car hire services, with the airlines having financial deals with a number of companies. For further details refer to the airlines websites at the point of booking flights.

Airport Transfers


Toulouse and Bordeaux each have a good service Navette shuttle bus service into the city. Once in the cities, there is a direct train to Moissac from Toulouse. From Bordeaux, Moissac is reached with a change at Agen.


Carcassonne also has a Navette service into the town, but there are two changes needed in Toulouse and Agen before reaching Moissac.

Bergerac airport is more isolated and car hire is essential if you choose this route.

Pick Up & Drop Off Service

These should be discussed with Chris and Moira before booking travel, but in principle, a pick up can be arranged from either Toulouse airport or Moissac train station.

Times will accommodate the latest person to arrive, and on the return journey, the first person to leave. A supplementary charge is made per person per single trip of 20 euros for Toulouse and 10 euros for Moissac.


It is strongly advised that comprehensive travel and personal insurance is purchased, which covers no less than delays, cancellations, illnesses and personal effects.

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