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Hire Solétude

Solétude has been intentionally developed to offer a flexible facility, so whilst varied musical

activities form the basis of the scheduled provision, those who would like to take advantage of all

that this beautiful place has to offer can hire the venue for their own course. In this way the hirer

takes responsibility for publicising and enrolling their course, whilst the cost of the hire includes not

only the accommodation and use of all facilities, but also full-board catering. The peace and

tranquillity would be perfect for yoga or pilates courses as examples.

Independent music groups can also take advantage of being able to spend valuable time together

rehearsing in an environment where they can focus purely on being creative without being

concerned about time restrictions, uncomfortable surroundings or annoying the neighbours!


Groups hiring Solétude for this purpose can opt for either self-catered or catered packages.

Guide Prices

From £3,700 - £4,800 (€4,331 - €5600)
Fully catered.
Based on 6 night stays for up to 12 people.

From £2,200 - £3,200 (€2530 - €3680) 
Accommodation only.
Based on 6 night stays for up to 12 people.

Varying lengths of hire are also possible. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Need More Information?
If you have any questions or would like to hire Solétude fill in the form below and
we will get right back to you. Alternatively call us on  
0033 (0) 9 75 90 36 34

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